Consulting Services

Potluck Arts offers a wide range of consulting services and is committed to identifying opportunities for both young and established organizations.  Drop Jenni a line at for more information.

  • Program and curatorial services
  • Arts and cultural planning and program design
  • Specialty producing and programming in Contemporary Circus Arts, Visual Theater, Spectacle and Performance Public Art
  • Arts Management mentorship and administrative processes
  • Panel, round-table and workshop design, facilitation and representation
  • Communication platforms from speaker services to digital content development
  • Arts and Cultural Travel Development


Some examples of what Potluck can do for you:

  • Annual and ongoing programming support to those needing interim or temporary support for special projects or during leadership transition and mentorship
  • Collaborate with your team to refresh program offerings and find better ways to navigate challenges and opportunities with your community
  • Find, assess and contract exceptional artistic talents, both established and emerging, from around the world to perform in your season and within your budget. From negotiating and booking artists to curating a new series; to securing the best in contemporary arts, to landing creative place-making outdoor spectacle from around the world
  • Work with your team to ensure that site-specific spectacles can be presented in a professional, successful and memorable way in your community
  • Partner to design and launch a new or refreshed series, offering knowledge on artist suggestions, board presentations, sponsorship pitches, and marketing tools needed to make the event a success
  • Work with your team to create a memorable fundraiser with visiting artists and leverage these moments of connection with artists
  • Partner with your team to refresh or launch annual giving programs and create new scalable donor and VIP engagement opportunities
  • Provide administrative support for contract oversight, management, and strategic program planning
  • Provide tightly integrated programming-marketing-customer service initiatives to help grow and diversify audiences and increase revenue and cash flow
  • Work with your team to design and deliver audience segmentation analyses to address motivation, values and expectation of both served and un-served audience segments
  • Provide audience-centered strategic planning processes to drive new ways of thinking about programming as the pathway to developing long-term, meaningful relationships with audiences.
  • Work with your team to build and nurture a culture of operational excellence – from program booking, budgeting, contracting, and execution, to open collaboration across organizational “silos” to ensure audiences enjoy truly exceptional experiences at every touch point