Image Credit: Flying Trapeze, Marabuchi

Last week I boarded a plane to England for who knows how many times, a dozen, perhaps more. As I settled into my seat and prepared for the trip ahead, I was flooded with the memory of my very first flight overseas. At 20, recovering from a broken heart, I made the trip for healing, for friendship, for discovery, for adventure with my best friend from college. We had doubled packed, two of everything. When your best friend is your almost twin, that means four of everything!  We were two young Texans with big eyes and big curiosity ready to taste and feel Europe.

Now, thirty-five years later I have the same feelings of excitement and adventure ahead of me. This time, I travel for exploration in the arts, the circus arts to be exact, the world’s fastest growing art form. Longing for more creativity and independence, I’ve recently left a secure, prominent position and jumped toward the unknown with a curious sensibility and a desire to be part of something new –new art, new voices, new challenges, new happenings.  I’ve always leaned toward the new and the intimate, what some call “startup” or “boutique” in today’s language.  From my days as a Future Homemaker of America discovering feminism in the home to participating in the “startup” of a sorority on the UT campus. From working on a new concept chef exchange project in Paris (ahead of its time!) to a boutique PR firm next to the Empire State Building, and forward to my days at an emerging arts center that would hold my fancy for many years.

My spirit and passion comes from experiencing things from the ground up, living among the grassroots smells of grit and perseverance, embracing the inventive, taking risks and moving forward.  So here I am, exploring the circus and flying toward the new, the contemporary, what’s happening now. My arms are wide open and reflect the smile that’s in my heart.  Join me, you’re invited!