The word “circus,”  and therefore the idea of circus, awakens in many a visceral response. For some the bold graphics of a vintage poster can evoke tinkling music, the anticipation of thrills, the warm buttery smell of popped corn mixed with fresh hay…..and the nauseating musk of wild cats (cue trumpeting elephant). But wait a minute!

Contemporary Circus freed itself from the bondage of performing animals decades ago and in their place offers up the amazing dexterity, balance, strength and flexibility of the human body itself. High wire walker David Dimitri taps into our nostalgia for circus in all its positive pleasure. He, himself, is the only animal to be seen in his miniature circus ring.

To step foot inside Dimitri’s diminutive circus tent is to step into another place and time. And you have the opportunity to experience this thrill in Downtown Springdale at Luther George Park! Honestly, Potluck Arts had to tame a few lions to make it happen: thank you, Potluck champions! So PLEASE support us and keep contemporary circus coming to our community. Buy your tickets here.