¡Circus Sites! to offer irresistible fun for the whole family with risks, thrills and laughs from around the globe in Downtown Springdale!

Downtown Springdale Alliance in partnership with Potluck Arts proudly presents ¡Circus Sites!, October 3-30, 2016. Featuring ticketed performances, Lunch with a Circus Artist events and circus skills workshops in surprising locations in downtown Springdale, ¡Circus Sites! brings the art form of Contemporary Circus to Northwest Arkansas offering thrilling aesthetically sophisticated entertainment to enthrall arts newcomers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs, together.

¡Circus Sites! presents electrifying performances by world-celebrated acrobats, tight rope dancers and clowns in unexpected places in downtown Springdale. ¡Circus Sites! invites families from across Northwest Arkansas’ cultural sectors to experience this sensational, daring and exhilarating art form performed by artists from Australia, Switzerland and Mexico.

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